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Monty Northrup N5ESE, 1203 Upland Dr, Austin, TX 78741.
When requesting permission, give the following specific details:
* what image/document you want to use (use the filename if you know it)
* what you're going to do with it (be specific)
* why you want it
* your (real) name and mailing address (postal, not e-mail)
If we approve your request, we will inform you in writing by (postal) letter, or via e-mail if you are a non-profit organization or club. We will never approve via e-mail (except non-profit oragnizations and clubs), but as a courtesy, we will try to let you know of a rejection by e-mail.

Additionally, permission is granted to elementary and high-school students (grades K-12), and to the teachers of those students, to freely copy graphics files of wildflowers, plants, or animals, to paper or magnetic media for educational , non-commercial purposes, providing that the source link is noted in writing, or that the authorship is credited in writing, and providing that the graphic content is not substantially altered. Also, please be aware that we are not scientists, and some information given on our web pages could be erroneous. In other words, don't take our word for it, 'cuz sometimes we MAKE IT UP!

We're very glad you're visiting us, and we hope you'll visit often.

Anyone is welcome to generate a URL pointer (link) to point to any Web page in our collection. We are pleased to have you peruse our humble offerings, and hope you'll tell others about us.

In general, we would all do well to respect the creative property of others on the internet and World Wide Web. That people would so generously share their creative efforts in such a universally accessable way does not constitute a waiver of their right to determine how it may be used. Please ask for permission before using such material in a way that is outside the scope outlined by the author. And remember, if the author does not specifically call out material as copyrighted, it is still covered by copyright law, and should be assumed copyrighted. There is never a need to make illicit copies of Web material, because it is already accessable to everyone without restriction, through the simple click of a mouse, and because e-mail makes it so easy to ask for permission.

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